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Every Thursday, the Ingress Report is your source for all the latest on the Niantic Project. Enlightened? Resistance? Susanna Moyer is your unbiased expert for movements from both factions.

This week:

Susanna Moyer shares sad and disturbing news about her father, Nigel Moyer.

His knowledge stands at the center of the Aegis Nova Anomalies on June 25th, which are approaching rapidly. On that day, Susanna will be in San Diego with Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe. The Acolyte will be present in Sydney, and rumors suggest that ADA has been deploying instances of herself across data centers near Moscow, supporting a theory that she may contact Agents there.

Agents elsewhere undertook some incredible operations, including Op. GetCatCor, Utah Field II, SiSePuede, Double Trouble and more. Susanna takes a deep dive to share the details on these amazing Agent adventures, that included wild boar sightings, trips to exotic islands, road rescues, a wedding proposal and birthday celebrations.

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